"Romance" with 700 g high-density cotton, gently caresses can realize its texture and comfort, stereo sense is very independentprinting, design of the rings, close, close connection, symbolizing family HeHeMuMu, mutual affinity. Low-key elegant appearancedesign, equipped with top material, to bring you the special taste.

"Romance" USES the independent spring bags, each spring adopt superior steel wire QuRao into the drum, the spring more accordwith human body engineering principle, can according to the curve of human body and weight and flexible, most every body part. Eacharea are shown consistent supporting force, give you sleep in the experience of the cloud.

Foam latex from rubber tree SAP after heating, it not only green environmental protection, and have the best support, especiallyfor skeletal muscle relaxation and the circulation of the blood. With Europe and the United States more than 20 years of extensiveapplication, technology advanced.
※型号Model: XD-002