The independent spring bags, each spring adopt superior steel wire QuRao into the drum, the spring more accord with human bodyengineering principle, can be in accordance with the curve of human body and weight and flexible, most every body part.

The space memory cotton is also called the sponge density temperature sense, is a kind of added inert material polyester sponge, itcan adapt to the body shape and "deformation", to provide a joint body contact, let a person feel a kind of "floating" in the cloud. Thebiggest characteristic can buffer the body.

High quality cotton and linen density sponge, perfect fit. Cotton fabrics, as a kind of natural pollution- -free green textile productmore and more get the favour of people, it is straightforward, bold, crisp, luster, natural style, and the effect of sterilization, shieldingultraviolet is better than that of pure cotton and chemical fiber products, especially after China’s entry into the wto, products in line withinternational standards, become a new trend of international textile trade.
※型号Model: XD-011